We were blown away by the awesome work that the guys from PROtography did with our recruitment promo! This promo has really become the back bone for our entire recruitment campaign. We’ve even created additional recruitment branding to support the promo and the message that it so strongly conveys.


There’s really no better way for us to show potential employees who we are and what we’re all about! We play it proudly at all our recruitment events, where it always gains plenty of attention from everyone in the room and generates lots of interest.


Our promo has been an invaluable tool for us, especially online where it has received thousands of views through various platforms and has had an estimated reach of over 220K through Facebook alone. This has really helped get us out there us and generate a stronger recruitment presence through social media.


If you’ve got the passion, we’ve got the opportunity. Keep up the good work guys!


Glen Archer, Resourcing Manager, Neilson Active Holidays